The Most Nostalgic Way To Do Laundry Just Like Your Grandma Used To

How to hang laundry on a clothespin like your grandma used to

These days, doing laundry is pretty simple. You separate your clothing, put it in the washer with some soap, and then put it in the dryer. It wasn’t always this way. Do you remember your mother or grandmother hanging laundry up on a clothesline? Laundry was often washed in a washtub or washboard, then hung up to dry outside.

There truly was a right way and a wrong way to do laundry back then. Reminisce and remember the rules for hanging laundry outside back in the day. If your dryer breaks down or if you just want to engage in some nostalgia, you can try this at home too. You can do it even in cold weather, although it won’t be as pleasant.


Do you remember the nostalgic way to do laundry?

clothes hanging to dry
Clothes hanging on a line / Pikrepo

First, you must wipe down the clothesline before you hang laundry to get rid of any dust or dirt. When you hang your socks, they must be hung by the toes to ensure they don’t get stretched out. You would always hang sheets, blankets, towels, and other larger items on the outer edges of the lines.

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nostalgic photo of person putting clothes on clothespins
Nostalgic photo of a woman putting clothes on a clothesline / Facebook

Then you can put your intimates in the middle. It kind of hides them from your neighbor’s nosy view. When hanging shirts, you should always hang them by the tails instead of the shoulders. This way, they are easier to iron and get out any small kinks or wrinkles from the clothespin.

clothes hanging on a clothesline to dry
Clothesline / Pxfuel

In addition, you should always hang similar colored clothing next to each other. Every item always shares a clothespin with the item next to it. This was to save money back in the day since clothespins are easily lost or broken. When the laundry is done, the clothespins are always supposed to come inside so they don’t get lost or broken also.

If you need a visual, watch below:

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