The Origins of Winnie the Pooh


Growing up, many of us form special bonds with our toys, creating entire worlds around them, building memories that will last us a lifetime.

But did you know that’s how the story of famed teddy bear Winnie the Pooh came along?


Back in 1920’s England, one little boy Christopher Robin Milne love of his stuffed toys inspired his father Author A.A. Milne, to create the series we all know and love, Winnie the Pooh.

Today, the now treasured stuffed animals which include a bear, tiger, donkey, kangaroo and small pig can be found on display in the New York Public Library. They’ve actually been there since about 1987, bringing in fans of the classic children’s book from all around the world.


To Listen to the AA Milne Classic Winnie the Pooh, Click >>here<<


“See What Our Friends Remember Most About The Winnie the Pooh and His Friends “

  • Lorraine Gee I have this set of beanies. Disney released them as “classic” Pooh characters. I also have a larger-sized Rabbit (which is a light blue), that’s a vintage style.
  • Nancy Neill I had the teddy bear for years. Got lost in a move. Found out how much it might be worth. I cried!
  • Sherri Houston I knew these were Pooh critters before I even read the print underneath. I know my Pooh (or Edward). Then again I’m from Winnipeg and if you know the real story you’ll know why that’s significant. smile emoticon
  • Robertal Larson Winnie and the group look good to me! They are twice as old as me? Buy they will always be young, and hopeful. I wish it would be the same for me’   Dana Lee Charlotte They are on display in the children’s room at the NYC public library on fifth ave (the library from ghost busters)


“Remember the Winnie the Pooh Song? Sing a long with Winnie the bear and friends!”

“Did You Know…”

  • Winnie-the-Pooh was actually inspired by a real bear! The real-life Winnie was a Canadian black bear that Christopher Robin Milne often saw at the London Zoo.
  • Milne’s stories take place in the Hundred Acre Wood, which was based on the real-life Ashdown Forest, near where the Milne family lived.
  • The characters of Owl and Rabbit were created by Milne and not based on toys.
  • The original toys, were all given as gifts to Christopher Robin Milne between 1920, when he was born, and 1928. As new toys were added to Christopher Robin’s collection, they were introduced as characters in the Pooh books. Tigger, for example, appears in the second book.
  • Winnie’s got his own star in Hollywood!

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