Twelve Heartwarming Moments When People Went Out Of Their Way For Others

  • Have you ever done an act of kindness for somebody?
  • These photos represent twelve moments where an act of kindness is on camera.
  • May these photos inspire someone to do at least one act of kindness every day!


There might be a lot of bad in the world, but there also is a great deal of good out there, too. If we’re lucky enough, we can get them on a candid camera moment and save the memories forever. Whether it’s giving a homeless man a free bite to eat or giving up everything you have to make sure your pet has dinner, there are some really selfless people out there.


Take a look at these heartwarming moments captured on photo. These people truly made sure that other people’s needs were met before their own!


These photos will warm your heart

Marathon runners / Boredom Therapy

In this photo, runner 3003 does not have her eyes on the prize. Instead, she’s focusing on helping out runner 2210 by giving him a drink of water.

Homeless man and stray dog / Boredom Therapy

The homeless man in this photo helps a stray dog, ensuring he is comfortable, well-fed, and loved unconditionally.

Present for mailman / Boredom Therapy

The mail carriers of the world brave some pretty nasty conditions to ensure that your mail gets delivered. One family decides to give back to their mail carrier with a nice gift sitting in the mailbox for them. How thoughtful!

Man and homeless child / Boredom Therapy

One man earned the first paycheck at his new job and decides to take a homeless boy out to eat at McDonald’s. Yum!

Security guard and child / Boredom Therapy

Anyone can be a princess! That’s exactly what happened when one security guard went up to a little girl in a princess costume and asked her for her autograph. So cute!

Little boy and cop / Boredom Therapy

When a little boy spots a police officer enjoying his breakfast, he begs his parents to cover his check for him. So, the police officer got a free meal and also got a sweet note straight from the little boy himself. “I want to be you when I grow up,” the note says.

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