Eighteen Things You Should Throw Away In Your Home Right Now


Not everyone can afford to hire a professional organizer to clean up their home. However, you can learn what a professional organizer would throw away! An organizing expert revealed the items that they generally throw away when they organize different homes.

If you missed the boat on spring cleaning, it isn’t too late. Take a day to go through each room in your home and get rid of some old, broken items or ones you never use anymore. Here is a list of things in your home that you should probably just throw away without thinking twice.


1. Cheap kitchen utensils

kitchen utensils
Kitchen Utensils / Wikimedia Commons

If you regularly buy flimsy or cheap kitchen utensils that barely work, it is time to toss them out! Invest in a few that you use regularly that work really well and will last for years. A good rule of thumb, if your utensils bend under the weight of food, it is time for them to go.

2. Pens, pencils, and markers

Pens and pencils / Flickr

If you have a lot of writing tools that don’t work, just throw them away! You might be like me and love to purchase journals, books, and writing tools. Go through and only keep what you use and love. Give the rest away or throw out things that don’t work.


3. Phone books

phone books
Phone books / Wikimedia Commons

With the Internet, phone books are pretty much obsolete these days. Same goes for dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedia sets. Unless they are vintage and very special to you… it is time for them to go.

4. Travel guides

travel guides
Travel guides / Pixabay

Just like phone books, travel guides, maps, and brochures are generally not used as often these days. If you kept old ones just for memorabilia, either put them in a scrapbook that you’ll look at or throw them out!

5. Expired items

Medications / Health.mil

Of course, you’ll want to go through your fridge, freezer, and pantry, but don’t forget to check the medicine cabinet and bathroom. Check vitamins, medications, supplements, lotions, and other bath products for expiration dates. If they are expired, throw them out.

6. Old hobby supplies

Fishing gear / Flickr

If you bought supplies for a hobby that you no longer like to do, donate them to someone who will use them!

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