Science Says You Could Live Longer If You Are Stubborn


Are you known for your stubborn personality? Do you regularly take a strong stance on things in life? If so, it may be a good thing and help you live a long life! This news is according to a small study that looked at Italy’s oldest residents. They found that traits like stubbornness might be the key to a long and healthy life.

The study was published in a journal called International Psychogeriatrics. They studied 29 Italians from ages 90 to 101 and several of their family members who were middle-aged and older. The study showed that many of these people were stubborn, yet optimistic, had a love for their family and country and a willingness to work hard.


Even the participants who were in worse health than the others had great mental health. The study showed that the older, more stubborn individuals had a better mental outlook than even the youngest of people in the study. Most of them are still working hard even though they are definitely in the age of retirement. According to Southern Living, the research showed that “a balance between acceptance of and grit to overcome adversities along with a positive attitude and close ties to family, religion, and land, providing purpose in life.”



Their stubbornness was directly correlated to positivity. They were taught to face difficult things in life and hope for the best. Remember that it depends on what you are stubborn about. Being stubborn and wanting to overcome everything that life throws at you can help you live a happier and longer life. Perhaps this is an old-school ideal that has paid off in a big way.


Also, don’t ditch your exercise and other healthy habits just because you are stubborn and positive. Exercise, eating healthy and generally taking care of yourself is always important in your quest to live a long and healthy life. The study also said, “Exceptional longevity was characterized by a balance between acceptance of and grit to overcome adversities along with a positive attitude and close ties to family, religion, and land, providing purpose in life.”


Do you agree or disagree with the results of this study? Do you find that people in your life who are over 90 years old are very stubborn but still in good health? If you enjoyed this article, please SHARE with your stubborn friends! They will love to find out this news!

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