Is Dipping Chicken Fingers In Your Soda A Thing? A Fan At The US Open Thinks So


It appears as though another odd food trend may be on the rise. We’ve heard of peanuts in your soda, but have you tried dipping chicken fingers in your soda? A fan at the US did just that, but other fans are not sure if they are a ‘fan’ of that!

Not only did many fans erupt all over the Internet at the concoction of poultry and acidic beverages, but a video has gone viral of a boy appearing to be grossed out by the concept of it. It’s pretty hysterical! Are you a chicken fingers and soda fan?


There haven’t been many details released on who this person is or what compelled her to dip chicken fingers in her soda. All we have is the video of a woman sitting at a table with two boys, going for the gold (or the soda). It appears that one of the boys are just as shocked as the overseers on the Internet.

Sports broadcaster Julie Stewart-Binks couldn’t help but comment on what blasphemy just went down. Whoever this girl is better than her lucky stars this tweet was broadcasted over the US Open.


America. Land of the free, home of the brave, freedom to dip our poultry in whatever beverages we please? Is that how you say it?

Despite most of the Internet being super grossed out by what they witnessed, Director of Communications Eugene Ramirez is actually intrigued by the experimental pairing and is down for trying it. Any other takers?

Frank Bi took to social media to clear up the madness. Apparently, the ketchup dispensers were completely emptied and this girl was probably just trying out new ways to coat her food in some sort of dip. ‘A’ for effort!

TODAY was among the first to report some theories as to why this woman could have been compelled to dip her chicken fingers in soda. Among the theories were needing to have her foods softened for digestion purposes or she just flat-out likes it. It’s also worth noting that we do use Coca-Cola in cooking and baking (i.e. Coca-Cola Cake). According to TODAY, there’s also ranch dressing soda so anything is possible.

chicken fingers

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