4-Year-Old Pug Crowned ‘Usain Bolt Of Pugs’ After Finishing Race In Less Than 6 Seconds


60 dogs competed for the title of “Usain Bolt of Pugs.” A pug named Emma just won this title for finishing the race in under 6 seconds! It’s a race specifically for the pug breed and this pug was seriously fast! As soon as the race commenced she took off for the finish line, beating every other contestant.

The race turned out to be about 50 meters long in distance. The actual event is coined the International Pug Meeting and it takes place in Berlin, Germany every year. This year was the 9th year for the pug race. Additionally, this was Emma’s third title in a row, so it’s clear she’s a winning regular!


It’s heartwarming to see a competition made especially for these little guys (and gals). There are tons of great running breeds for dogs, but pugs just really aren’t ideal for most. In addition to breathing problems and squat little legs, you’d probably find them lounging in the shade before they join you on a walk. The owners have just as much fun as the pugs themselves!

Angela Kaiser, Emma’s owner, is extremely proud of her little pooch and hopes to continue enrolling her in competitions and seeing more wins come in. The 4-year-old racing dog might be looking towards her fourth title come next year if she keeps up the good pace!


Despite it being hot that day temperature wise, all dogs (and owners) were provided water to ensure the good health of everyone involved. We’re sure they ran themselves to sleep after such a crazy, exciting day!

After the races, all of the pugs, including Emma, were treated to a spa treatment, allowing them to cool off after their hard day’s work. A funny fact about the pug race reported by the Pickle includes a little pug making his run towards the finish line. He was nearly about to cross but then decided to run back in the other direction. Does anyone have video footage of this adorable moment?

We’re sending all the best to Emma and her owner and congratulations on her third win!

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