5 Myths About Home Ownership You Should Never Believe

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Owning a home is often considered the American Dream. It is a goal for many people to own a home in their lifetime. Owning a home can be amazing, but it also comes with a lot of challenges and responsibility. If you are looking for a home, here are some myths you just shouldn’t believe.

Here are the top myths you should ignore about home ownership.


1. Home inspectors will find every problem for you

home inspection
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Yes, home inspections are very necessary and helpful in the process of buying a new home. However, even the best home inspector is likely to miss something. Make sure you observe the home yourself and even hire several home inspectors if you really want to know every little thing that is wrong. Also, know that a home inspection can be done even after you purchase a home and they can help you to know how to remodel your home if you ever want to resell it one day.

2. Every home improvement will add value to your home

home with pool

Yes, home improvements and remodels will boost your home’s value. This is very helpful if you plan to resell it at any point. However, if something crucial happens like a roof leakage, fixing that problem likely won’t add additional value to your home. It will just keep your home’s value from going down. Another point is what is valuable to you may not be valuable to other people. You might love to have a pool but other people looking for a new home see it as too much work or a danger to their young children.


3. New homes require no maintenance

new home

A new home can be nice because it is fresh and new. However, it could have been flawed when it was built. Regular maintenance is required for every home, no matter when it was built. Of course, things like bad weather or animals can damage your home as well.

4. Remodels happen in a flash like on TV


There are tons of reality shows out there now on channels like HGTV that show amazing remodels happening overnight. In reality, these shows have tons of crew members working. If you want to get projects done yourself, know that it will take time and patience.

5. You can do whatever you want to your home

installing a fence

Yes, you own the home and can update it how you want it to look. However, depending on where you live there are certain codes or laws. For example, you might want a new fence but there are strict laws on what type of fencing you can use or where you can place it. Check with your city and county before you do anything that would get you a ticket and a hefty fine.

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