5 Things You Should Know About All-Inclusive Vacations

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All-inclusive hotels and vacations might seem like an amazing deal. However, you have to make sure you know what you are truly getting into and read the fine print. That amazing deal might turn into hundreds or thousands of dollars in “extras.”

Before you book your next trip, make sure to watch out or ask about these hidden fees. Learn a few things that all-inclusive vacation travel experts may not tell you:


1. Check if you can swim in the ocean

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It might be a no-brainer to think that you’ll be able to swim in the ocean if your hotel is beachfront. However, for safety reasons, you may not be able to. Just because there are photos or videos of people swimming in the ocean doesn’t mean you will be able to when you get there. Sometimes beach chairs or better spots by the ocean cost extra too. Ask about costs for beach chairs, cabanas, towels, etc. when booking your trip.

2. Ask what food and drinks are included

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You might be wowed by buffets and drinks included in your price, but ask what you are actually getting. Sometimes they limit you to the most basic food or really cheap drinks. Then they can charge you extra for the stuff you really want, like steak or top shelf alcohol.


3. Ask about the tips

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Sometimes, tips might be included, but most of the time you have to tip for everything. Their workers are probably not paid much and depend on your tips. You will have to tip everyone from the bartender to the towel clerk. Ask what tips are included, if any, and do your research on who to tip and how much.

4. Water sports and other add-ons cost money too

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If you want to rent jet skis or go on an excursion, you better believe that costs extra. These can be very expensive, so make sure you know the costs of the things you want to do while you’re there.

5. You’ll probably never leave the resort

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Which is okay if you’re into that! But if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, an all-inclusive resort is probably not for you. They want to keep you on their grounds, so getting anywhere is probably very expensive or dangerous.

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