Prince Louis’ Six Godparents Are Finally Revealed On His Christening Day


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest son, Prince Louis of Cambridge, had his christening today, Monday, June 9th, 2018. Today is the day Kensington Palace has also confirmed the baby’s godparents.

In the Royal family, many children have more than two godparents. Prince Louis has six. Read on to find out who they are! It might surprise you.


The first is Mr. Nicholas van Cutsem. He is a friend of Prince William since they were young. He is currently an international business developer.

The second is Mr. Guy Pelly. He is a nightclub owner who has known Prince William and Prince Harry for many years. His mother was also involved with the Royal family. She knew Princess Diana and used to date Prince Andrew. Her name is Lady Carolyn Herbert.


The third is Mr. Harry Aubrey-Fletcher, a friend of Prince William’s as well and the son of Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher. Mr. Aubrey-Fletcher’s wedding was the first wedding that William and Kate attended after they were engaged.

The fourth is Lady Laura Meade. Her father is the Earl of Romney and close friends with Prince Charles. She is also the wife of James Meade, who is a friend of Prince William’s.


The fifth is Mrs. Robert Carter or known as Hannah Gillingham. She is one of Kate’s best friends from college. Finally, someone that Kate is friends with!

The last godparent is Lucy Middleton, Kate’s cousin. She lives in London and works as a lawyer.

Prince George has seven godparents while Princess Charlotte has five. We wonder how they decide how many godparents each child will receive. We also wonder why they didn’t pick Prince Harry or his new bride, Meghan Markle.

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