Police Department Gives High School Seniors Props For Their Clever (And Meaningful) Senior Prank

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The local high school seniors of Cumberland, Wisconsin decided to have a little fun for the end of the school year. Who knew it would include the local police department, too?

It was a trending moment on Twitter when Wisconsin students wanted to pull the ultimate senior prank, but they needed a little extra help. Following praise of the local police, they were able to set up the most impressive and unique prank the Internet has ever seen!


The officers shared a photo that seemingly looked like a nasty car crash directly into the school building, but was actually half a car, a black tarp, and bricks. They made it look pretty realistic, too!

Graduation week… Nice work seniors! You had everyone a little nervous this morning! The police department is saying…

Posted by Cumberland School District on Monday, May 14, 2018

According to the school’s official Facebook post regarding the situation, the ‘car crash’ was set up right outside of the principal’s office! The schools’ administration seemingly got a kick out of the prank, considering no actual damage was done. The back of the car was painted with the quote, “CHS Class of 2018, We’re Bustin’ Out!!!” That was a pretty smooth pun there, guys, not going to lie.


The Facebook post opens with, “Graduation week… Nice work seniors!” It follows with, “You had everyone a little nervous this morning! The police department is saying this senior pranks was ‘one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.'”

Since the news went viral on May 15th, 2018, the Internet had lots to say about the situation — mostly positive!

“Original” is an understatement. This is one of the most unique and meaningful senior pranks ever! The police loved the prank because it involved absolutely no damage to the school, and it promoted a positive message.

One of the teens in the photo is holding a sign that says, “Parents who host lose the most,” a slogan for the Prevention Action Alliance. Basically, the prank is discouraging parents from hosting parties with alcohol, and discouraging teens from drinking and driving.

They really do deserve an award… and so do the administrators of the school for being such great sports about it!

Do we smell a friendly wager in the making?


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