Wow, I’ve Been Threading Needles Wrong My Whole Life?


For my entire life, I have been squinting my eyes and poking my fingers trying to thread a needle. Like most of us, we have done everything from licking the tips of the thread to rolling the ends in our fingers, constantly jabbing and cutting only to be unsuccessful. Getting that fraying piece of thread through that tiny eye of the needle can be an endless headache. And using a needle threader is not always the answer.

The process for sewers has always been unbearably frustrating and stressful. Don’t you just wish there was an easier way? Well, now there is! And Twitter-user, John Bick has just shared the best threading secret around and it has officially gone viral!



By the way, did you know when you prick your finger and get blood on your sewing needle you can use own spit you to easily remove easily your own blood? Yep, it works. Give it a try! But no need to prick your finger intentionally to do so. 🙂

So did you give it a shot? And did it work? What are your tricks and tips?


What do you think?

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