These Amazing Dogs Surprised Humans With Their Incredibly Heroic Acts


A Woman Saved A Pit Bull Just Hours Before He Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized And Less Than A Week Later It Returned The Favor When He Helped Save Her 4-Year-Old Son


Dog Saves Owner’s Life By Lying On Him For Nearly 24 Hours In Freezing Conditions

Dog Named Storm Saved An Injured Baby Deer From Drowning


I Walked In To See My Pitbull, Akasha, Who Has Never Had Puppies, Is Now Nursing A 4 Week Old Feral Kitten I Saved.. Nature Is Amazing


When Jerry Flanigan Was Attacked By Two Pitbulls, His Pet Dog Katy Mae Got On Top Of Him, Shielding His Neck Area With Her Body. According To The Vet She Could’ve Died As One Of The Bites Was Next To Her Jugular


Cooper The Super Pooper. The Hero Dog Who Saved Me From Drowning And Detected My Heart Attack Before I Knew It


On A Cold Winter Night, This Dog Found An Abandoned Baby In A Field. She Carried Her Back To The Pen Where She Kept Her Warm Through The Night


A Newfoundland Named Whizz Saved Nine People And One Fellow Dog From Drowning And Was Honored With A Posthumous Award For His Lifesaving Work

Dog Named Max Took Three Bullets To Save His Owner When They Were Attacked By Two Armed Robbers


When A Fox Grabbed A 4 Year Old Angelis And Tried To Drag Her, The Family Dogs, Callie, And Abby Were Quick To React And Chase Away The Wild Animal, Saving Their Little Owner


Whenever I’m Sick, My Dog Thinks His Love Is The Cure


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