How To Clean Your Kitchen: 10 Mistakes That Make Food Taste Worse


Even if you consider yourself to be one of those really scrupulous cleaners, you may still be adversely affecting the hygiene of your food if you are making one of the following mistakes. There are some obvious, yet easily missed mistakes we tend to make. Take notes, and avoid them from today.

1. Not cleaning the coffee grinder thoroughly

Making sure that all the beans and leftovers are gone from the grinder is a sure shot way of having a fresh morning coffee the next day. The director of cleaning lab at Good Housekeeping Institute mentions, “Coffee bean oils may turn rancid and give fresh coffee an off taste.”



2. Not Cleaning the Grill

If that grill is dirty, your next meal is probably going to have an added flavor of the food from previous nights. If that sounds gross, you must clean the cooking grill with either aluminium foil, or bristle less brushes.


3. Putting skillet in a dishwasher

The seasoning on the skillet is what keeps the food from sticking onto it. Dishwashing the skillet is going to scrap off that seasoning.


Crate and Barrel

4. Beware of strong smelling detergents

Detergents you use in your dishwasher may sometimes be dizzyingly fragranced. The dish will catch that soap smell and then the food that you place on that dish. And then your dinner is going to smell all soapy.


5. Delay in tending to oven spills

If you let the food spill in the oven linger, it will turn into an overly baked layer of food that will be difficult to scrap off, and also give off foul smell that will affect the fresh food you put in there.


6. Leaving the vinegar aftertaste in the coffeemaker

After descaling the machine with vinegar, it is very important to completely drain it. If you don’t, the next coffee will have an aftertaste of vinegar.


7. The plastic disaster

Cleaning plastic containers immediately after use is crucial to avoid any lingering smell, or stickiness. It is hard to get rid of it if the food has been sitting there for a while.

8. Putting a ton of utensils in the dishwasher

This shouldn’t really be a big problem if you make them all face in the opposite directions. Facing the same way, forks, spoons and knives tend to crowd together and therefore, not get cleaned properly.


9. Some utensils are not meant for dishwasher

For example – the garlic press. Anything that comes in contact with garlic will have its remnants as well as lingering smell. The dishwasher may not get rid of the dried garlic in the press and prevent it from being fully useful the next time.


10. Rinsing haphazardly

Anything done without order and patience has consequences. Eating food off of oily plates, or drinking water from soapy glass is certainly not desirable. So, rinse carefully and thoroughly.


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