24 Completely Insane Facts About Disney Parks You Didn’t Know Till Now


Anyone that has ever been to Disney World (or Disneyland) knows that it truly is the “happiest place on earth.” Everywhere you look more fun, adventure, and perfection awaits… but with so much going on to delight your senses it’s easy to miss the many secrets surrounding the theme park.

Here are 17 fun facts and secrets about Disney World–some of which can really pay off! Plus, grant you the opportunity to show off to friends, and family the next time you visit the park.


1. What’s That Smell?

At Disney World, you can’t help but be happy. The whole place is set up like a fantasy land, including plenty of friendly faces, fully costumed characters, and there is even a smell that can only be found here. Not one thing goes unplanned around here, not even the scents in the air. On Main Street, and many other parts of the park, “smellitizers” are set to go off every so often, releasing the scent of vanilla or freshly baked cookies.

Orlando Weekly

2. Sleep Like A Princess In Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella’s Castle was built in 2006, it is located within the theme park and is so splendid you can’t even book a night there. To sleep in this royal room you have to win a contest hosted by Disney.

3. Develop A Fear For Aladdin’s Spitting Camel

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin features a camel that spits water at passing park-goers. Many are fooled into thinking this electronic machine just has great aim, think again. There is actually someone paid to sit nearby the camel and operate it when the operator thinks they can hit passing guests they command the camel to spit.


4. Secret Trick To Getting On Your Next Ride Without Waiting In Line

When you venture to Tom Sawyer’s Island take a careful look through the attraction if you see a paintbrush you want to grab it! Then, find the nearest park employee and hand over the paintbrush in order to receive free fast passes for one ride. Considering many rides have lines 2 and 3 hours long, this could be beneficial to your entire day!

Disney Wiki

5. Disney Is Rather Presidential

There are 3 places in the United States where you can find a Presidential Seal. One is the Oval Office, another in the hall of the Liberty Bell, and the third is located right in Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

Disney Wiki

6. Installing the Presidential Seal in the Hall of Presidents required a literal act of Congress. Plus, it’s the only place the carpet seal exists other than the White House and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Flickr: Thomas Duesing / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tfduesing, Flickr: Luciano Silva / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lucianosilva (Buzzfeed)

7. Order The Secret Menu Item At “Be Our Guest”

When visiting the Be Our Guest Restaurant, modeled after Beauty and the Beast, ask your waiter or waitress for “the grey stuff” (a reference from the famous “Be Our Guest” song) in order to try the secret item on the menu.

WDW Info

8. One Big Bus

Disney keeps the busses moving all day long, transporting park visitors to and from the park. The transportation system is actually the 3rd largest bus system in all of Florida!

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