Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Could Be Worth A Fortune!


We might laugh at those crazy people who hoard all their old junk, but the truth is that you never really know what’s going to become popular again. The old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” isn’t quite true these days. It’s more like “one man’s trash is the same man’s treasure, given enough time”. Which is good news for anyone who resisted the urge to throw all of their old Disney VHS Tapes in the bin twenty years ago, because now, they could be sitting on a fortune…

Fond Memories

Anyone who was born before about 1990 will know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to VHS tapes. Those were happy times, warm times. Times spent in front of the TV with a teetering pile rented from the local Blockbuster, sitting through warped previews and scratchy films before having to rewind the whole thing. Trying to fast forward to find that episode of Buffy that we taped three weeks ago.


VHS Tapes Are Dead

VHS Tapes might have been pretty pleased when it killed Betamax in the mid-1980s, but it had no idea that it would eventually suffer the same fate. DVD video, introduced around 1996 to the home market, quickly blew VHS away. Better picture quality, special features, and – finally – no rewinding meant that VHS was quickly and unceremoniously replaced by all but a few hardcore faithful. BTW does anyone remember the Sony Betamax?

Disney VHS Tapes
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The Disney Revival

It was at around the same time that Disney went into what some would call a slump. Although Disney films have never been unpopular, the glory days of old were rapidly fading. The transition to 3D animation with films like Toy Story left a few traditionalists behind. But in recent years, with Frozen and Moana and butt-kicking heroes for every gender, everybody’s back on board. Disney is huge business again.



The Films That Can Net You Thousands

Along with the new love for everything “old skool”, hipster millennials are driving up a massive demand for the old VHS tapes. Disney films are at the front of that, fetching hundreds, and even thousands, on eBay for second-hand copies. You might want to dig through your old collection, if you still have it. Because these films will get you big bucks…

101 Dalmatians

The recent live-action remakes starring Glenn Close as Cruella Deville have sparked a strong interest in the old animated classic about lots and lots of dogs, originally released in 1961. It was popular at the time, and it’s popular once more, with an original copy fetching as much as $750 online. You’d be barking mad not to sell it.

VHS worth a fortune
101 Dalmatians Disney VHS Tape

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