12 Necessary Items For Those Obsessed With The ‘Golden Girls’

We bet you know someone who would love these.

Forget the Kardashians! Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia were the original queens of television in the classic hit show, Golden Girls. During its airtime from 1985-1992, the four sassy women showed us just how fun life can be, even at an older age.

For those of us that watched the show every week and anticipate its reruns, fear not because we’ve found some amazing products that you can get as an ode to the Girls.

1. Cast Tumbler

This tumbler features priceless photos of all four cast members and is washer/microwave safe.


2. Trivia Book

Think you know everything there is to know about the show? Test it out with this 118-page trivia book.


3. Rose Nylund Mug

Keep both Rose and Betty White close to you with this quote-filled coffee mug. Guaranteed to make your mornings better.


4. Prayer Candles

Shine a light on the Golden Girls… literally.


5. Humorous Greeting Cards

Share your love of the show with your family and friends by giving them these humorous cards.


6. Set Of Coasters

Add some class to your home with coasters of the Girls.


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