18 Parents Who Have An AWESOME Sense Of Humor. You’ll Be Crying From Laughter!


Humor isn’t required for parenting, but it definitely makes life a bit easier. These 18 parents know how to joke around with their kids, even when it means poking fun at themselves.

With all the stress and responsibility that comes with parenting, we sometimes forget to stop taking ourselves so seriously and crack a good joke once in a while. I for one don’t want my kids remembering me as the grumpy lady who was always busy, even if that is a reality some days. From hilarious “selfies” to epic pranks, we can all learn a thing or two from these hilarious moms and dads.


1. Dad’s ready for his daughter’s first driving lesson!

Reddit / setharnold

2. Anyone who thinks this dad is a bad parent has clearly never spent all day with a toddler.


3. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate this sentiment! It’s a compliment, really.

Reddit / SpermBucket

4. “I told my mom I need plain black t-shirts, and she comes home with this…”


5. This guy checked on his parents after hearing that an escaped murderer was near their house. He wasn’t expecting this reply!


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