The Mesmerizing Method In Which Mallomars Are Made


For people who don’t feel like making s’mores in the dead of Winter, or for those don’t even get the concept. Mallomars have always been there.


The Globe and Mail

The gooey chocolate cookie is 104 yrs old next week, which means it’s time to commemorate its century on Earth with a collection of essential history hits.

1. Nabisco sold its first Mallomars to a grocer in West Hoboken in 1913. West Hoboken no longer exists, as it merged to form Union City in 1925, but it was a town full of big ideas. For example, the guy who created Felix the Cat was from there. And, um… HOW IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TO PROVE THE POINT?!?!


2. Mallomars are only “in season” from September through March. The limited grocery store run was originally put in place so the chocolate wouldn’t melt in the non-refrigerated trucks of 1913, but, seeing as we have totally chill trucks today, now it’s all about hard-to-get hype.


3. Mallomars are manufactured in Toronto, but not sold anywhere in Canada.


4. Don’t worry about those Maple Moose lovers, though. Canada gets by with their own version of the Mallomar, the Whippet. (Not to be confused with the dog, or whipped cream can huffing.) The two cookies are pretty similar, only Whippets have way more sugar, a raspberry-filled variety, and 2% more iron!


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