There’s Only One Letter That’s Not In Any U.S. State Name. Can You Guess It?


Put your thinking caps on, folks as we have a brain teaser for you! The 50 U.S. states names contain 25 letters of the alphabet, woefully leaving out 1. Can you guess what unfortunate letter does not appear in any of the U.S. state names? If this quiz seems too tricky, we have the answer for you. Best of luck solving our classic brain teaser!

Letters to easily rule out are your every day vowels: A, E I, O, U, and obviously Y, too. It is safe to say A, E, and O are two of the most common letters uses in United States names. The letter A appears 60 times in the names of all 50 states. Can you believe that?


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First Letters To Cross Off

I know, the first letters to obviously pop up in your heads are going to be Z and J. But don’t forget the J in New Jersey and Z in…

Welcome to Arizona sign
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J in New Jersey and Z in Arizona are the only J and Z you’ll see in the state names. So, they’re out of the competition. Did you figure out the answer by now?


Another pretty uncommon letter one might think of is X. And that is a really good guess. In fact, we played this fun trivia here at DYR and one of the team members immediately came up with an X. But, amazingly, X does appear twice in the state names!

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X Appears Once in New Mexico

Welcome to New Mexico sign
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New Mexico is a good state (click here for trivia about New Mexico), it has the top constant in its name, but also the rare X, as well as a few good vowels with two Es, one I, and one O.

But that isn’t the only state that has an X in the name! And, how can you forget…

With the lesser-acknowledged J, Z and X out of the way, you’re closer to the answer than you think.

Still wondering? Here’s a clue: it is the alphabet that fetches you 10 huge points in Scrabble!

Find out which letters are included in United States names!

Q in scrabble

For those still stumped, here’s the answer to the tricky teaser, ‘There’s Only One Letter That’s Not in Any U.S. State Name. Can You Guess It?The only letter that doesn’t show up in any of the U.S. states names is Q!


I hope you’re not surprised since the letter Q is the rarest of the 26 letters 🤔

More Trivia

A few more tidbits about the letters in U.S. state names. Although P is a pretty common letter, it only appears in the names less than 5 times. Just Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Mississippi can boast of the letter P!


While A is the most popular letter in U.S. state names, you’d be surprised to find out that E and O are not the second and third most popular letters after A. The letter I appears in the U.S. state names 44 times, while the letter N appears 41 times, and the letter O appears 35 times. Surprisingly, the letter E only appears in the 50 states names 30 times. The most popular constants in U.S. state names are N, S, R, T, L, and H. North Carolina has almost all of those letters except for T! Meanwhile, South Carolina hits the lottery with all six.

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