9 Awesome Things Only ’60s Girls Will Remember

We’ve come a long way from how did things in the ’60s and sometimes we can’t help but smile thinking about all the nights we spent in curlers or remembering a certain scent. Getting ready isn’t always easier nowadays, but every once in a while we do get nostalgic for some of the ritual of getting ready back then. Here are 9 things that only ’60s gals will remember.

Mystery Date Game

Who else remembers playing this game?


Sarah Coventry Jewelry

Who else remembers their fabulous designs? Costume jewelry took on a whole new meaning with their fanciful brooches and clip-on earrings. And they had earrings for pierced ears! Even if no one you knew sold this line of jewelry, you saw it all around. I can remember the strawberry and daisy patterns well.


Wearing Our Cardigans Backwards

Buttoned up the back was the way to go. We thought we were the bees knees with this trick!

State Archives of Florida

What do you think?

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