Check If Have These Old Valuables


If you have given in to your compulsive desires and horded up things that held value back in the day, it’s time for you make some quick bucks. There are people out there who consider your junk items precious. Check if you have any of the following items in your crates. Un-horde them and earn some money.

1. Remember those Happy Meal Toys from McDonald’s?

happy meal toys
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Apparently, the obsession over happy meal toys does not go away with childhood. People would pay money to have a bit of childhood back in their lives by collecting these happy meal toys they used to collect from McDonald’s when they were children. These cute little toys have gotten their owners a maximum of about $500. How much is your Happy Meal toy worth?

2. The colorful LEGO blocks

lego block

LEGO blocks brings back a flood of memories from childhood. And also a flood of tears, incase you step on one. But if you have one random piece lying somewhere beneath the couch or in a rusted drawer, take it out because these pieces can fetch you about hundred or more bucks. In face, just like old pennies, if one of these LEGO pieces have a defect, you can even claim an exorbitant price for the same. There’s actually a whole website that deals in LEGO marketing!


3. Old Cellphone Models

old cell phone collectible
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A new entry into the collectible market is the old cell phone model. Technology is rapidly advancing and the phone you bought today will most likely be outdated within a year or two. But that’s not the case with some really old cell phone models. They sell despite being out of use. You know, just for the fun of it!

4. Old Cereal


old cereal hording

It’s hard to believe that someone would actually buy the expired, ruined cereal from yesteryear. But then isn’t the whole concept of hording up worthless items a little odd? The hottest bid in the cereal collectibles right now is the Nintendo Cereal System released by Ralston in 1988. Any old cereal box that’s unopened will sell for a minimum of $50. Go ransack your pantry!



5. Empty Wrappers or Packaging

empty package hording

Just when you thought “it can’t get any weirder!” As if the old, useless items weren’t enough, collectors also go for the package they came in. If you still have the wrapper from your old toys, or the package your ancient phone came it, you’re about to get slightly rich.


Do you feel like patting yourself on the back for saving old items? Well, you certainly deserve it.

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