Cyndi Lauper Reflects On Past Feud With Madonna During Rise To Fame


Cyndi Lauper and Madonna rose to fame around the same time, causing fans to often compare and pit them against each other. During a recent chat with E! News, Cyndi admitted to some friction between them, noting that Madonna may not have liked her. Although she never took things up with her industry colleague, Cyndi claimed it was a “sad” experience being an involuntary competitor.

Cyndi went as far as deliberately curating her wardrobe to avoid being linked to Madonna, amid allegations that she copies the Queen of Pop. She recalled tinting her blonde hair darker in the mid-eighties because Madonna coincidentally went blonde as well.


Cyndi Lauper hoped to become Madonna’s friend, even amid the feud

26 January 2020 – Los Angeles, California – Cyndi Lauper. 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center. Photo Credit: AdMedia

In retrospect, Cyndi wished a friendship blossomed between herself and Madonna, as opposed to constantly being compared as if there was no room for two women to thrive. Regardless of her desire, Cyndi has been indifferent about her relationship with Madonna, whom she thinks would not have been welcoming.


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For damage control, Cyndi tweaked her style to distinguish herself from Madonna. Cyndi may have poked the “Material Girl” in 2017 at the Women’s March when she complained about her profane speech during the event. Madonna said she was angry and had nursed the idea of blowing up the White House after the election.


While fans took sides and stoked a faux feud between both ladies, Cyndi admitted that she was greatly inspired by Madonna early on in her career. She was particularly fascinated by Madonna’s flair for upsetting everyone and causing controversy. One of Cyndi’s favorites off Madonna’s catalog is Like A Prayer, which made her consider the Grammy-winning artist a hero.

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Cyndi Lauper at ‘We Day California’ in Los Angeles, CA.

While Madonna just concluded her Celebration World Tour in Brazil, Cyndi is set to kick off her North American one this fall. The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour marks Cyndi’s final goodbye as she considers it best to deliver fitting performances before getting worn out from aging. Meanwhile, Madonna does not appear to have retirement on her to-do list just yet.

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