Goldie Hawn Considers Leaving “Terrible” LA After Several Break-Ins


Goldie Hawn is the latest celebrity to seriously consider distancing herself and her family from LA. Her decision follows a series of frightening intrusions that have the Overboard alum calling the City of Angels positively “terrible.”

Hawn, along with her longtime partner Kurt Russell, have called several places home over the decades of their flourishing relationship, including Manhattan and Vancouver. But social media footage shows their Los Angeles property shows a truly impressive sight, complete with a personal gym, ornate fireplaces, and colorful gardens. None of it quite measures up to a feeling of security in the place they should be able to call home, a sense of comfort that is apparently severely lacking lately.


Goldie Hawn considers leaving “terrible” LA after enduring multiple break-ins

Fans have seen bits of her spacious LA home through social media, but Goldie Hawn may leave that behind / Instagram

Hawn spoke with Kelly Ripa on Let’s Talk Off Camera, disclosing her desire to leave LA after several break-ins left her feeling severely unsafe. One time, an intruder broke in while Hawn was still in the house. This inspired her and Russell to hire a guard. But the invasions did not stop.


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During the first break-in, which occurred while the couple was out for dinner, the intruders entered through a balcony door, which had actually been reinforced with a sophisticated locking mechanism. They then went into the couple’s bedroom and stole valuables from the closet.

By the time Hawn and Russell returned home, the thieves were long gone, their home in disarray but fortunately the couple was spared of physical harm. Whatever peace of mind they managed to restore, however, was to be thoroughly shattered in the future.

Planting roots somewhere safer

She is considering moving to Palm Desert / Victor Malafronte/ STAR MAX 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This was not an isolated incident, and the next time it happened was, perhaps, worse. The next time their LA house was broken into, Hawn had been home, with no one but the family’s pet dog for company. Hawn was alerted to their presence when she heard a noise from the other room. At some point, they even tried to get into her bedroom while she was at home.

One incident occurred while Hawn and Russell were out of the house / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

This home invasion was not an isolated incident for Hawn and for LA as a whole. According to KTLA, incidents of break-ins have increased by 4.5% since 2023. Footage from other break-ins has been circulating with increasing frequency. One victim was at a family dinner with burglars broke in and took everything they wished, from appliances to a firearm, throwing possessions around all the while. In another incident, a masked woman knocks on the front door of a house; when no one answers, men rush forward and break their way in.

As a result, Hawn told Ripa, she is looking into relocating to moving to Palm Desert, citing the area as much safer than LA has become.

The couple hired guards after the house was again invaded, this time when Hawn was home alone / © Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

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