Cher Was The First To Use Auto-Tune On ‘Believe’ After Brawl With Her Producer


Cher almost always has an interesting spin on things, from her love life to her enduring youthful looks and even her music, which has stood the test of time. The goddess of Pop created one of her leading songs, “Believe,” after an argument with her producer, and it was the first song ever to be auto-tuned.

During a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, Cher revealed her favorite record to be “Believe,” alongside “If I Could Turn Back Time” from 1989. Later this year, she will mark the 26th anniversary of the Believe album with a deluxe edition containing 13 remastered remixes and a double CD.


The ‘Believe’ backstory


In the late ‘90s, the auto-tune was called “the pitch machine,” which Cher’s co-producer Mark Taylor employed because he was unimpressed by her singing. She explained how fed up she was when Mark made her redo the verse on “Believe” several times for a better pick. After a few takes, Cher stormed out of the studio after announcing that she had tried her best.


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Mark reached out the following day, telling her about the “machine” which he used to achieve the final sound. Cher said she instantly knew the song was a hit as they both loved it. She recalled jumping excitedly and high-fiving Mark, who she never snapped at again after her first and only time.


Cher is hardly impressed

Cher is known to downplay some of her most beloved hits, as she confessed last year that she “almost never likes what I do.” Her naming “Believe” as her most liked recording is an arguably rare occasion, even though she later said it was not so amazing. She performed the track with show host Jennifer Hudson at April’s iHeartRadio Music Awards event, where she received an icon award.


During her speech, Cher reflected on her days as a struggling artist who was jobless and often getting rejected by record companies; but just like the song says, she continued to “Believe” and work towards achieving her dreams. She encouraged listeners to be inspired by her story and never give up on their goals.

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