Pamela Anderson’s Latest Makeup-Free Look Sparks Negative Reactions


Pamela Anderson has continued to relish her makeup-free era in the last few months. Although she is content with her decision to ditch the face glam, some people are not pleased with her new appearance. However, she remains the template for the smokey-eye look from the ‘90s.

Pamela believes going natural is more empowering as she ages. While celebrating the anniversary of her skincare brand, Sonsie, she took to social media to demonstrate how she achieves glowing, smooth skin with a few of her products. The celebratory post sparked conversation amongst social media users, many of whom disapproved of Pamela’s bare face.


Reactions to Pamela Anderson’s bare face post

Pamela’s comments section was hit with criticism from unimpressed fans, who recalled her to be an attractive sex symbol back in the day. Some echoed that she did not age well, with many more agreeing that her recent change caused a decline in her beauty. “3 years older than me and looks 70. The ‘90s were a fun time,” someone wrote.


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Thankfully, Pamela’s loyal fans came to her defense, pointing out that social media has destroyed the true perception of attractiveness. “This is a woman that feels and looks beautiful in her own skin and that is absolutely stunning,” someone wrote. “She aged better than most people do,” another commented.


Pamela Anderson’s skincare routine

No makeup means showing what’s underneath, hence why Pamela pays even more attention to skincare. She gave a detailed reveal of her routine in the 20-second clip which had the song “Waterfalls,” playing in the background. She faced the camera while wearing a gray tank top and applied the Sonsie serum to her already-washed face. Next came her moisturizer and then lip balm, which she generously put on her lips.


Beyond surface applications, the supermodel also takes care of her body from the inside out by living on a vegan diet consisting of veggies, plant-based protein, and fruits. She also indulges in healthy fat sources like avocado and nuts while eliminating butter from her cooking. She admittedly loves a cup of coffee on most days but tries to replace it with healthier options such as chamomile or rose tea.

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