Gayle King Clears The Air With Oprah After Sharing Details Of Host’s Private Health Problem


Gayle King is clearing the air with her dear friend Oprah Winfrey. The two television icons have been in continuous contact and stay up-to-date on one another’s goings-on, but King is worried she shared too much when she told fans about a health issue Oprah contended with that saw her miss a big event.

70-year-old Oprah and 69-year-old King have a friendship that spans almost five decades. The two have been one another’s personal cheerleaders through career milestones and personal triumphs. After sharing some personal medical information concerning Oprah, however, King found herself worried about this enduring friendship and has taken to social media to address the issue.


Gayle King shared health information about Oprah Winfrey before worrying she might have gone too far

During a recent episode of CBS Mornings, King informed viewers that Oprah would not be able to cover her usual book club segment as scheduled. King proceeded to cite the cause for her absence as a stomach virus.


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However, King later recorded a virtual call with Oprah to better converse with her on the matter and to clarify if she overstepped with sharing such personal medical information.

“A first for @cbsmornings, announcing @oprah’s latest book club pick without Oprah,” she captioned her social media post, which also served to assure fans that Oprah was not currently in the hospital, as some were theorizing. However, it did specify that at one point, “She was sidelined with a stomach virus that caused such dehydration that she went to the hospital to get an IV drip.” The footage shows Oprah visible in a tablet on the table conversing with King, who asked her longtime friend if she had offended her with her recent statement on air.

“No, I thought what you were trying to do is explain why I wasn’t there,” Oprah assured King, “and doing that in a definitive way.”

The power of friendship

Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey have a storied history of friendship and mutual support / Everett Collection

King and Oprah proceeded to show everyone, once again, that their friendship is built on solid foundations. “I never said you were hospitalized,” King went on to further clarify. “I did say that you had a stomach something, it was coming out of both sides, which it was.” Oprah added, “I was in the emergency room. I was so…”

Right on cue, King finished her sentence, “Dehydrated.” Oprah continued to recount, “I couldn’t keep enough water down to get hydrated so I went to the emergency room for that and that’s just it.”

At this, King noted, “You’re still a little weak-ish, it seems.” To this, Oprah agreed, “I’m not 100 [percent]. I’m on my way to 100. Five people in my household had the same thing. I would say keep your hands washed because I hear it’s being transmitted through… the doctor told me that [the virus] lives on the doorknobs and railings for like, ten hours. Five people in my household had the same thing. I would say keep your hands washed because I hear it’s being transmitted through… the doctor told me that [the virus] lives on the doorknobs and railings for like, ten hours.”

The two have been friends for over four decades / Ida Mae Astute / © ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection

“So,” Oprah cautioned, “if you come across somebody who’s been in the house and they’ve gone down the stairs, then you went down the stairs and you didn’t wash your hands you end up with it.”

Many friendships have their hangups, and these two have had 47 years of companionship to make mistakes, but always they fall back to how they were. “Something about this relationship feels otherworldly to me,” Oprah has said, “like it was designed by a power and a hand greater than my own. Whatever this friendship is, it’s been a very fun ride—and we’ve taken it together.”

Gayle King worried she had overstepped when she told viewers the latest about Oprah Winfrey and her health status / Henry McGee-Globe Photos, Inc. ©2010 K64754HMc

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