Faye Dunaway Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles After Claims About Her Being ‘Hard To Work With’


Faye Dunaway, widely celebrated for her commanding performances in iconic films such as Bonnie and Clyde and Network, has earned a reputation for her exceptional acting talent. However, she is also known for her frequent outbursts on movie sets. Her intense and sometimes erratic demeanor has often led to conflicts with directors, co-stars, and crew members. These clashes have become almost as legendary as her film roles, contributing to her complex and multifaceted image.

Following the premiere of her new documentary, Faye, the actress recently opened up about how her mental health struggles, providing an in-depth perspective on her behavior, which has often left her colleagues and fans puzzled for decades.


Faye Dunaway talks about her mental health struggles

CHINATOWN, Faye Dunaway, 1974 / Everett Collection

In an interview with Closer Weekly, Dunaway disclosed that her irrational behaviors were the result of bipolar disorder, a mental health condition marked by significant mood swings, which include emotional highs, such as manic or hypomanic episodes, and lows, known as depressive episodes.


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She elaborated that the disorder is rooted in her genetic makeup and that she has little to no control over its onset and fluctuations.

Faye Dunaway
at the “Paris Can Wait” Los Angeles Special Screening, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA 05-11-17

The actress sought professional help for her condition

In discussing her present state, the 83-year-old opened up about her ongoing journey with bipolar disorder, shedding light on the proactive steps she’s taken to manage it effectively. She also shared her decision to seek professional help, highlighting the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team of physicians who meticulously crafted strategies and treatments tailored to her unique needs.

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Faye Dunaway at the premiere of “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”.
(Westwood, CA)

Dunaway added that through the combination of medication and expert guidance, she experienced a profound transformation, gaining a newfound sense of agency and control over her thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

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