Titanic Replica Will Set Sail In 2027 — Here’s What We Know


Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has announced a date for the first voyage of the Titanic’s replica, Titanic II, which will set sail in June 2027. Palmer first revealed this plan in 2012 and then in 2017, noting that his company would build the ship, however, nothing seemed to progress particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the production company, Blue Star is now assuring the public that production will begin next year, and they are currently seeking proposals and plans from potential builders as they prepare to give ship cruise lovers a perfect sailing experience.


Meet the Titanic Replica, Titanic II

Although Palmer plans to make his upcoming creation as exact as the ill-fated liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in April 1912, there will be a few changes including highly sophisticated navigation equipment and a lot more lifeboats.


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The adjustments to the original will ensure that the ship is fully equipped with top-notch navigation features that can withstand any “harsh maritime conditions,” and communication devices that will ensure prompt transmission and relay of radio signals.


The company also promised that passengers would not be denied the aesthetics and scenery that came with the Titanic and would not compromise their safety to give passengers a memorable experience while traveling in Titanic II.

What passengers can look forward to

Aside from the technical features, Titanic II will have second, and third/steerage class cabins, grand staircases, and 835 cabins over nine decks, allowing voyagers to relish the “timeless elegance of ocean travel.”

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The liner’s voyage is expected to take off at South Hampton, England before sailing to Cherbourg, France, and then New York City. Despite his wife’s opposition to the project, Palmer said he is funding it himself, with “a couple of hundred million dollars” reserved for the recreation.

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