Mother Knows Best – Beauty Secrets From Mothers Across The Globe

What are your secrets you learned from your Mom? Share your beauty regimens with us!


For thousands of years, beauty secrets have been passed down from one generation to the next. In fact, we still use some of these fabulous remedies – such as those milk baths that Cleopatra was known for – today. So, why not try tips from women (Mothers) around the world and learn some regimens we might all benefit from?

Good Housekeeping


But first, I’d like to share a secret from my mother, Betty. When I was younger, she drilled the use of sunscreen and moisturizer into my head, along with the “no frown” policy. My mother would say that if you frown like that, you end up looking like that when you get older. I would practice not frowning, and believe it or not, it worked – Look, Mom, no Botox!



OK, now here are more mother-daughter tips… Health & Beauty Secrets We Learned From Mom



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