President Jimmy Carter And Wife Rosalynn Carter Quietly Celebrate 77th Wedding Anniversary After Entering Hospice


Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn Carter, are commemorating their remarkable 77 years of marriage in the same small townhouse in Georgia, where they exchanged vows in 1946. The celebration comes several months after Jimmy was placed in hospice care and Rosalynn disclosed her dementia diagnosis.

Matthew De Galan, the spokesperson for The Carter Center, revealed that the couple is opting for a low-key celebration amidst their ongoing health challenges. “The family is keeping a low profile around the anniversary this year,” he said. “President Carter and Mrs. Carter will celebrate their 77th wedding anniversary privately at their home in Plains tomorrow along with family members.”


Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s love story

Rosalynn Carter and Jimmy Carter in the White House. Ca. 1977-1980.

The lovers first crossed paths when Jimmy was three years old, and Rosalynn was a newborn. The connection between them was instantaneous, and after their first date in the summer of 1945, Jimmy expressed his desire to marry Rosalynn to his mother.


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A year later, on July 7, 1946, just weeks after the former President graduated from the Naval Academy, they exchanged their vows. Following their wedding, the newlyweds relocated to Norfolk, Virginia, as Jimmy began his first naval assignment. The union is blessed with four children, three sons, Jack, James III, and Donnel, and a daughter, Amy, as well as 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, 1977. Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter shares the secret to their long-lasting union

During an interview with PEOPLE, Jimmy revealed that one of the secrets to the long-lasting marriage between him and his wife is the fact that they do not allow resentment and hatred to grow. “At the end of the day, we try to become reconciled and overcome all the differences that arose during the day,” he told the news outlet. “We also make up and give each other a kiss before we go to sleep still in the bed, and we always read the Bible every night, which adds a different aspect to life. So, we really try to become completely reconciled each night before we go to sleep.”

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in 1993. They founded the Carter Center in 1982, to resolve civil and international conflicts, advance democracy, human rights, and economic opportunity. Their goals included improving health and agriculture in developing nations. Photo courtesy of The Carter Center (BSLOC_2021_8_38)

Also one of their grandchildren, Jason Carter, also disclosed that his grandparents still love themselves despite their old age. “As we have looked back at their legacy, it has been really wonderful to see the outpouring of support and respect and love,” he stated. “That word is really the one that defines certainly their personal relationship, but also the way they approach this world.”

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