Tina Turner Once Confessed She ‘Always Had A Crush’ On Mick Jagger


Iconic rock-n-roll singer Tina Turner, who died recently at 83 after a serious health battle, revealed in an interview weeks before her passing that even celebrities have celebrity crushes.

The late actress admitted to having a crush on Rolling Stones band member Mick Jagger. “I always had a crush on Mick Jagger,” she told The Guardian. “I loved it when we toured with the Rolling Stones.”


Tina and Mick collaborated multiple times


Tina and Mick were good friends and also performed on each other’s tours many times. One of their famous performances together was at the Live Aid Festival in Philadelphia, where Mick tore off Tina’s skirt on stage.


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Tina wrote about the famous moment in her 2018 autobiography, Tina Turner: My Love Story. “Mick and I could never just stand there and sing— that wasn’t us. We had to do something,” Tina detailed. “He looked me over. I was wearing a tight-fitting black leather top and skirt, and I could see a naughty idea forming.”


“It wasn’t as if some random guy pulled off my skirt. It was like a boy I knew did it. A very old boy,” she added.

Mick pays tribute to Tina on social media

After Tina’s death was confirmed, Mick took to social media to express his grief over the late icon. “I’m so saddened by the passing of my wonderful friend Tina Turner. She was truly an enormously talented performer and singer,” Mick captioned alongside photos of Tina and himself performing.

“She was inspiring, warm, funny, and generous. She helped me so much when I was young, and I will never forget her,” Mick added. Other celebrities like Elton John, Beyoncé, Maria Shriver, and many more also paid tribute to the legend via their social media posts.

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