Dame Joan Collins Is Not Stepping Out Of The Spotlight Anytime Soon Despite Turning 90


Joan Collins, who got her big break from the 1952 movie, I Believe in You, has shown signs that despite being one of the last surviving actors of ‘Hollywood’s Golden Age,’ she is not stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon. The actress, who was a part of the limited list of guests at the coronation concert of King Charles III, is also planning to have a one-act tour of the United Kingdom, which is billed to start by September 7 at The Assembly Hall in Worthing.

Following her recent birthday, Dynasty co-star, Emma Samms, who portrayed Fallon Carrington, described the 90-year-old as an epitome of beauty, intelligence, and hard work.


Emma Samms celebrates Joan Collins’s iconic performance in ‘Dynasty’


The 62-year-old revealed that Joan’s performance in the series had a transformative impact on how middle-aged women are perceived around the globe. “It is unbelievable that she is going to be 90, but it is also very inspirational. She was the first genuinely popular woman of a certain age to be deemed powerful and sexy,” Samms confessed. “She brought so much to the show and women of my generation. As a woman of a certain age myself now I am extremely grateful she carved that path.”


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She further revealed that Joan’s role created a new narrative among women.”Women can be seen as powerful and strong and sexy all at the same time,” the actress confessed, “And I don’t think that was necessarily the case before Alexis Carrington. I think that role changed the world… and all for the better.”


Emma  Samms reveals she was terrified working with the nonagenarian

The actress commended Joan’s remarkable performance in the movie. “I am still nervous of Joan now,” Samms said. “She was very scary. You didn’t want to mess up your lines when you were working with Joan, that’s for sure.”

Samms explained that Joan is so creative to the extent that she could make do with anything on a production set. “She is a powerful person, and I think that is why Alexis came across as so plausible. Obviously, Joan is not like Alexis, but she does have that element of being able to walk into a room and attract everyone’s attention,” she admitted. “There was something very special about her, and the show being what it was absolutely took advantage of that. Give her a glass of champagne, or an apple, or a fan, something to pick up to use to enhance the scene, she will absolutely do better than any of us.”


“I think she is probably what we [all] aspire to be in many ways,” Samms added. “She has done it all. She still presents as this very glamorous woman. Always when she walks in, you think, ‘Look how great she looks’.I have obviously seen her with no make-up on at all, and she was, and I am sure she still is, stunningly beautiful. And that is something she has worked at and preserved. But that is not all she has to offer. She has a wit about her, she is very funny. It is a joy to watch her work a room, but of course, she doesn’t have to move – people come to her. I am a huge fan, and I will be sending her a little happy birthday message.”

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