Chick-fil-A Is Testing A Three-Day Workweek


For so many years, the typical American workweek has been five days a week, about eight hours per day. Of course, the schedule varies from job to job but these have been very much the norm for many people, especially in corporate America. Now, the fast-food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is testing out a new way. They are working on a three-day workweek.

Chick-fil-A is giving some employees the option to work the hours they need in a week within three days. This means long days working 13 to 14 hours per day but getting four days off instead of two. Keep in mind that all Chick-fil-A locations are closed on Sundays.


One Chick-fil-A location is testing a three-day workweek

Chick-fil-A location / Wikipedia

Right now, this schedule is being tested in Miami and is seeing some surprising results. At first, there were some concerns from employees because up to 14 hours per day is a very long shift. They also were confused about the logistics of scheduling shifts and asking for time off. However, they are working through issues as they go. Many enjoy having more time off to do other things.


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Chick-fil-A / Wikimedia Commons

After the three-day workweek was announced at the Miami location, over 400 applications came in. There is now a 100% retention rate at the management level. It has become one of the highest-earning locations and things seem to be working out well for everyone.

Chick-fil-A / Wikimedia Commons

Since the three-day workweek is seeing some good results at this location, Chick-fil-A may offer it at other locations. If it continues to work, other companies may take note and try it themselves. Would you rather work three long days or five shorter days?

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