‘Baywatch’ Star Donna D’Errico Recalls Why She Became A Vegan


Donna D’Errico is best known for her role as bombshell Donna Marco on Baywatch. These days, she is enjoying a healthy lifestyle which includes being vegan. She decided to give up meat about eight years ago after appearing on director/producer Sam Simon’s podcast. Sam is a vegan and explained what the lifestyle was to Donna.

She admitted that she grew up in the South where barbecues always include tons of options of meat. Sam showed her a video of a factory farm where animals were being mistreated. After seeing that video, she decided to become a vegan because she really loved animals.


Donna D’Errico talks about how she became a vegan

BAYWATCH: WHITE THUNDER AT GLACIER BAY, Donna D’Errico, 1998. ph: Eddie Sanderson / ©Trimark Home Video/Courtesy Everett Collection **US SALES ONLY**

She revealed, “And he said, ‘Would you be willing to go in the next room and watch a video?’ I thought to myself, ‘This is Sam Simon.’ And I really respected him. So I said sure. I went to the next room and he had me watch this undercover footage of a factory farm. At that time, I had no idea there were factory farms or what they were. I didn’t know what conditions these animals were in before they ended up on our plates and in grocery stores. I lived in the dark. I watched the video. I came back to the room where he had his podcast studio set up and I was in tears. I told him I was never going to eat meat again. He said, ‘Well, great. Let’s finish the podcast.’ And we did. But from that point on, I didn’t need meat anymore.”


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BAYWATCH, Donna D’Errico, 1996, 1989-2001. ph: Dan Zaitz / © Pearson All-American Television / Courtesy Everett Collection / **US SALES ONLY**

While she became a vegan for animals, she said that she noticed some health benefits in the past few years. She said, “There were happy benefits, like clearer skin, better digestion, better sleep – but that’s not why I do it. ‘I do it for the animals.” Donna is glad that there are more vegan options than ever in today’s world. It wasn’t always easy for vegans and vegetarians decades ago!

ESCAPE FROM AREA 51, Donna D’Errico, 2021. © Cleopatra Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

Many articles compliment Donna about her appearance but she doesn’t care about that. She hopes that she can spread the message of animal rights and veganism. To help her health and skin, she said she also stopped tanning, something she did a lot of her in Baywatch days.

ONLY GOD CAN, Donna D’Errico, 2015. ©Inspire You Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection

Great to hear that Donna is doing so well these days! Her last message? She hopes that everyone can adopt an animal if possible. She added, “I recently adopted a dog – he’s deaf, has a bum leg and no teeth – but he’s the sweetest dog in the world. He sleeps with me every night… I think more and more people are becoming aware of animal cruelty and getting outraged by what’s still happening. I just hope I can enlighten people.”

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