LISTEN: Judy Norton Of ‘The Waltons’ Is Actually A Very Gifted Singer Outside Of Acting


Judy Norton may be best known for her role as Mary Ellen Walton on The Waltons, but she has another talent aside from acting. She is a very gifted singer, often showcasing her singing talents on her YouTube channel. In fact, one of the very first videos she uploaded to her channels was a video of her singing the songs “Fly Away” and recognizable tune “Pure Imagination.”

On Judy’s personal website, she writes her bio in third-person discussing her love for music which stems from her childhood. “Singing has been a passion of Judy’s since she first stepped in front of an audience at the age of 6. Since then her musical career has expanded to include musical theatre, concert performances, USO tours and even the occasional foray into the recording studio.”


Judy Norton is a phenomenal singer, something ‘Waltons’ fans may not even know!

Judy Norton singing / YouTube Screenshot

On Judy’s website, she also shares musical clips of songs she has covered ranging from movie-based tunes to Broadway music. What’s most impressive is the 30-second clip of her singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from the longest-running Broadway musical, Phantom of the Opera (an incredibly difficult song to master even for a trained vocalist).


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Of course, the songs that Judy has sung and posted to her YouTube channel have sprung questions from fans. One fan asks, “Why did you never sing on the Walton’s? That was beautiful. You would be great in musical theater.” To that, she responds, “Thank you so much. I didn’t start studying singing until part way through the series. I think it just didn’t make sense for Mary Ellen to sing since Jason was the musician in the family.”

She loves to stay connected with her fans as well

For fans who view Judy’s channel and enjoy her singing, here’s some good news; she does her best to respond to every comment! So, leave a nice compliment for her on any one of her videos. She loves to see them and respond!

Check out the video of her singing “Fly Away” and “Pure Imagination” below! She sounds absolutely incredible. We hope to see more professional singing material from her soon!

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