Marie Osmond Gets Real About How She Stays 120 Lbs At Age 61


UPDATED 9/22/2021

Many of us know about Marie Osmond’s Nutrisystem commercials and how she lost a ton of weight, 50 lbs to be exact. Now, she shares in an interview with Daily Mail how she maintains her weight and figure. She is 60 years old right now and maintaining a weight of 120 lbs and looking better than ever!


“I eat six times a day, I never starve,” Marie shares with Daily Mail. “When I first started Nutrisystem I was freaked out because I felt like I ate too much food. Because in the past I would not eat all day and then I would have a big dinner before I went to bed. I ate inconsistently.”


Marie Osmond on how she lost the weight and keeps it that way

Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond performing / INSTAR Images

She continues, “But realized that I had slowed down my metabolism by not eating and then overloaded my body. My metabolism was dead.” She sticks with the plan anyway, hoping that it would help slim her down. “So it took a while to get used to eating six times a day but when I did I lost weight because I was keeping my metabolism revved up.”

Marie Osmond after reaching her weight goal / Photo Credit: MJT/AdMedia / ImageCollect

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The six meals a day she eats include breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, then a snack to end the day. “I hate cooking,” she admits, “So Nutrisystem is great for me because my meals are so little work. The Flatbread is the bomb, it’s Glycemic balanced. I can put vegetables on top or add a salad on the side.”

She knows everyone’s body is different, and praises Nutrisystem for having personalized plans

Marie Osmond before and after weight loss / Provided by Daily Mail

Now, it’s important to remember that what worked for Marie may not work for everyone else. Everyone’s body is different and reacts to different methods. Even Marie agrees, “EveryBODY is different. That’s why the new Nutrisystem program is unique. The personalized plans are triple matched to your goals, your body type, and your food preferences.”

Prior to Nutrisystem, Marie was 50 lbs overweight and was often huffing and puffing when performing everyday tasks. “When I was 50 pounds overweight, I couldn’t walk up the stairs with a laundry basket without huffing and puffing. Now, I can hike with my husband, and run around with my grandkids.”

Marie Osmond / Instagram

Nutrisystem taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle by making better food choices. Food is no longer my enemy,” she concludes. Props to Marie for making this awesome accomplishment and sticking to it for the better!

Not just losing it, but keeping it off

Marie Osmond in May / Instagram

Perusing Osmond’s Instagram page shows a frequent dose of new pictures that in turn show she has kept off the weight she carefully and healthily chipped away at over the years. In a photo from May, she stands showing off a quilt for her godson while she wears ripped skinny jeans and a fitted jacket.

In another post from June, she posed in more form-fitting clothing for a green summery vibe. That post itself is no longer up, but the caption was preserved, and contained a vulnerable confession. She wrote, “I love this time of year! I remember years ago dreading taking walks or hikes because I was carrying around so much extra weight. Thanks to @nutrisystem, I lost 50 lbs and have the energy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.”

Osmond noticed a marked increase in confidence when she goes out / Instagram

Osmond discussed her own preconceptions about dieting, her previous eating routine, wants, and what Nutrisystem offered. “I was going through a divorce, a custody battle, I was dancing – but it helped me get back to my healthier, happier self,” she reflected. “I just can’t do steamed chicken and vegetables. It doesn’t work for me. … But I wanted to take care of me. And that’s what I did.”

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