Ron Howard Proves He Can Still Skip Stones Down By The Water


Do you remember when little Ron Howard would skip stones into the lake at Franklin Canyon Park? Well, now you can relive those memories with the newest video he just posted to Instagram! The exact body of water is where they filmed the opening credits of The Andy Griffith Show

If you remember correctly, Andy and Opie walk along with their fishing poles to the open body of water. Then, Opie picks up a stone and throws it down the lake. In the opening credits, there’s a black-and-white version featuring a young Opie from seasons 1–5 and a color version with an older Opie in seasons 6-8.


Watch Ron Howard expertly skip stones

That stone tossing is expert-level! The film cuts before you even see the splash in those original opening credits, but we bet Howard was practicing behind the scenes. He’s a little too good at it! Additionally, Opie doesn’t even skip the stones. He just throws them, so Howard has definitely been practicing on his wrist-work.


“Still got it,” Howard says after the stone skips an exact three times! “You still got it Opie!” someone agrees in the comments. Another person says, “I don’t hear you whistling….” referencing the opening theme song to The Andy Griffith Show.

Andy Griffith Show / CBS

Did you love reliving the memories of The Andy Griffith Show and watching Ron Howard skip stones? Take a look at the original opening credits in the video below.

We love Ron Howard here at DYR!

Did you know that his son looks like a real-life Richie Cunningham? The resemblance is uncanny! Take a look!

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