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Remembering The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, 15 Years After His Death

Almost one and half decades have passed since the world bid farewell to Michael Jackson, the unparalleled King of Pop.…

4 weeks ago

Elvis Presley’s Ex Linda Thompson Shares Secrets About The King The World Never Knew

While Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson only dated for four years, Linda still likes to share her love for the…

2 years ago

Priscilla Presley’s Life In Photos—Her Life With The King Of Rock And Roll

Priscilla Anne Presley is one of America’s beaus and ex-wife to the late King of Rock and Roll,  Elvis Presley.…

2 years ago

This 13-Year-Old Has Planned Out His Entire Career Devoted To ‘The King Of Rock & Roll’

13-year-old Bryson Vines has planned out an entire career dedicated to The King himself, none other than Elvis Presley. Yes,…

3 years ago

Elvis’ Step-Brother Says The King Was Like A Father To Him

Elvis Presley grew up in a small family that consisted of himself, mother Gladys, and father Vernon. He also had…

3 years ago

Elvis Presley Getting Own Streaming Channel Dedicated To The King Of Rock And Roll

Elvis Presley Enterprises is teaming up with Cinedigm to create a streaming channel completely dedicated to the King. It will…

3 years ago

Elvis’s Grandchildren: Did The King Ever Get To Meet Them?

Elvis Presley, the King of rock and roll, died young of a heart attack at age 42. At the time…

4 years ago

Why ‘Barney Miller’ Star Abe Vigoda Is The King Of Death Hoaxes To This Day

It's not always easy to predict how someone famous will react to inaccurate information about them. Depending on the topic,…

4 years ago

What Happened To Vernon Presley, Father Of The King of Rock And Roll?

Famously, Elvis Presley got along well with his mother Gladys. But that leaves his father, Vernon Presley, as something of…

4 years ago

11-Year-Old Girl Singing Elvis Tune Sounds Just Like The King Himself

Have you ever heard an 11-year-old girl channel Elvis Presley so perfectly it's almost haunting? One girl by the name…

5 years ago

Henny Youngman: The King Of The One-Liner(s)

"Take My Wife...Please" And His Other Famous Jokes

7 years ago

Remembering The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis

The King of Rock 'n' Roll was born on January 8, 1935. Thankfully, we were gifted with countless songs and…

8 years ago