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Dana Carvey Apologizes For “Offensive” ‘SNL’ Skit That Had Sharon Stone Strip Down

Saturday Night Live started in 1975 but it remains as relevant as ever - even the older episodes from decades…

4 months ago

Liam Neeson Blasts Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel For Offensive Jokes About Irish People

Following Jimmy Kimmel's joke about Irish people at the just-concluded Oscars, Liam Neeson criticized the award show host for his…

1 year ago

Yellowstone Mountain Removes ‘Offensive’ Name To Instead Honor Native Americans

Since 1871, a mountain peak in Yellowstone National Park has worn the name Mount Doane, named after Lieutenant Gustavus Cheyney…

2 years ago

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Angry At Host Mayim Bialik And Contestant Over “Offensive” Mistake

Ken Jennings just announced that he wouldn't be hosting Jeopardy! again for a while and many fans are upset that…

2 years ago

Rita Moreno Almost Quit The Original ‘West Side Story’ Due To ‘Offensive’ Lyrics

Rita Moreno apparently almost quit the original 1961 West Side Story film due to some offensive lyrics in one of…

3 years ago

Mike Richards Steps Down As New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host And Producer As More Offensive Comments Resurfaced

UPDATE 8/31/21 Mike Richards has also stepped down from being the executive producer of Jeopardy! amid scandal. He will no…

3 years ago

Sharon Osbourne Allegedly Used Homophobic And Offensive Slurs Against Asians

A report from Consequences of Sound alleges that The Talk host Sharon Osbourne is under fire for using offensive anti-Asian…

3 years ago

Disney+ Includes Disclaimer That Old Episodes Of ‘The Muppet Show’ Has Offensive Content

Disney+ has added another disclaimer to one of their older shows. The Muppet Show episodes from the 1970s have a…

3 years ago

Woman Kicked Off American Airlines Flight For Wearing Offensive Mask

A Florida woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight for wearing an 'offensive' mask. Arlinda Johns was boarding the…

4 years ago

Downright Offensive Ads Of Yesteryear That You’ll Need To See To Believe!

These Advertisements Would Never Be "PC" Today

7 years ago

11 Horribly Offensive Board Games Of The Past

America: What is wrong with you? Behold these racist, sexist, and downright disturbing games. 1. "Public Assistance" published by Hammerhead Enterprises in…

7 years ago

Roseanne Barr Blames Co-Star Sara Gilbert For Making Her Lose Her Job, Says She ‘Destroyed Her Life’

Roseanne Barr has a reputation for starting controversies, especially after the racist tweet against former President Barack Obama’s adviser, Valerie…

1 month ago