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A Future Chart-Topping Singer Got Her Start Dancing Beside Elvis In ‘Viva Las Vegas’

Today, Toni Basil is something of a household name thanks to her sensational 1981 hit song "Mickey." But like with all…

10 months ago

Ann-Margret Talks About Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, & Her Secret Souvenir From ‘Viva Las Vegas’

Ann-Margret is still as active as ever, even in her 80s. The octogenarian began dancing professionally as a teen and…

10 months ago

The Battle For Ann-Margret: Elvis Presley vs. ‘Viva Las Vegas’ Director, George Sidney

This may be surprising to some, but there was actually a love triangle on the set of the 1964 film…

2 years ago

Julianne Hough Dances With John Stamos As Elvis In ‘Viva Las Vegas’ Tribute

Julianne Hough recently danced with John Stamos—in his best Elvis getup—in a Viva Las Vegas tribute for Hough's upcoming ABC…

2 years ago

Ann-Margret Talks Filming ‘Viva Las Vegas’ With Elvis Presley

Actress Ann-Margret recently opened up about her time filming Viva Las Vegas alongside Elvis Presley. She definitely has some fond…

3 years ago

‘Viva Las Vegas’ Star Ann-Margret Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Ann-Margret, the actress and former lover of Elvis Presley was recently honored at the 24th Family Film Awards. She received…

3 years ago

Elvis Presley And Ann-Margret Would Purposely Mess Up Scenes In ‘Viva Las Vegas’

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret starred in the 1964 film Viva Las Vegas. At the time, the director George Sidney was…

4 years ago

MisMatch 29 – Elvis in Viva Las Vegas

Find all the Differences &

8 years ago

Madonna Flaunts ‘Youthful’ Appearance While Paying Tribute To Las Vegas

Madonna appeared on the T-Mobile arena stage in Las Vegas, looking super gorgeous in a mirrored black Versace bodysuit. She…

4 months ago

Priscilla Presley Shines Light On New Ban On Elvis Impersonators In Vegas

Though Elvis Presley died in 1977, his image remains popular, enough so that impersonators are a desired feature at many…

2 years ago

Elvis Presley’s Last Request For Ann-Margret

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret had a friendship and were very much in love at times, but could never get the…

2 years ago

Which Classic Movie Represents Your State?

In some movies, you may have no idea where the scene is set. Others, the state or city is very…

6 years ago