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‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Turns 95 After Once Struggling As Single Mom With No Money

October 25 sees Marion Ross turn 95 years old and while it's been nothing but Happy Days for the actress…

9 months ago

Marion Ross’ Son Opens Up About Working With Ron Howard

Actor Jim Meskimen followed in his mother's footsteps. His mom is none other than Marion Ross, who played the matriarch,…

2 years ago

At 93, Marion Ross From ‘Happy Days’ Is Enjoying Retirement While Cherishing The Past

UPDATED 2/15/2022 Interview with Marion Ross conducted by Ed Gross For 11 seasons, American viewers knew Marion Ross as Marion…

2 years ago

Marion Ross Shared The Creepy Audition She Endured In Hollywood

Marion Ross is best known for her role as the matriarch in Happy Days but she has appeared in many…

3 years ago

Marion Ross Said This Actor Was Happier About Her Pregnancy Than Her Husband

Before Marion Ross starred on Happy Days, she had a bustling television and movie career. However, things took a bit…

3 years ago

Follow Marion Ross’s Journey Through 65 Years In Show Business

Marion Ross carved a career that made her a household name. To this day, people immediately think of Mrs. C.…

5 years ago

Find All 6 Differences from this Classic Marion Ross Scene from Happy Days

Find All the Differences & Play More Games on

8 years ago

The Sweet Story Of How Sam Elliott Met His Wife Katharine Ross

UPDATED 6/4/2024 Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross played a couple in a film before they were one in real life,…

1 month ago

At 83, Katharine Ross From ‘The Graduate’ Acted With Her Sweetheart In Three Films

UPDATED 10/19/2023 Released in 1967, The Graduate was all about love, loss, and messy antics. In this quintessential journey into…

9 months ago

‘Happy Days’ Cast Reflects On Show’s Impact For 50th Anniversary

The American sitcom Happy Days, created by Garry Marshall, brought joy to viewers as they followed the lives of the…

1 month ago

‘Mad About You’ Cast Then And Now 2024

UPDATED: 4/25/2024 Did you ever go "mad" for Mad About You? The hit sitcom that gave us eight seasons of…

3 months ago

‘CHiPs’ Cast Then And Now 2024

UPDATED 1/12/2024 Fewer shows could get viewers hooked quite like the CHiPs cast with the series offering them an intense, thrilling…

6 months ago