11 Episodes Of ‘The Twilight Zone’ That Have Been Engraved In Our Memories

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The Twilight Zone is just one of those shows that have been passed down through the years and have still held strong, mainly because some of them are so creepy that we can’t forget about them! Spanning 156 disturbingly excellent episodes originally from 1959 to 1964, it is an absolutely legendary series that we dare not forget.

It has been so successful it has not been revived once, or twice, but three times! The most recent revival is with host Jordan Peele and is slated for an April 1st, 2019 airdate. Here are 11 episodes of The Twilight Zone that we have not forgotten about throughout the years!


1. “Four O’Clock”

4 o'clock twilight zone

This one was a classic! One man is convinced that there are many evil people in the world and vows to make them all 2 feet tall by 4 pm that very day. However, by the end of the day, he finds himself standing at 2 feet tall as he is one of the evil people in the world!

2. “The Dummy”

the dummy twilight zone

One man finds himself at the mercy of his live, talking dummy that he’s been using for his ventriloquist act. Being one of the first Twilight Zone episodes I ever saw, it still freaks me out to this day!


3. “Living Doll”

living doll twilight zone

The Twilight Zone didn’t ever skip out on the creepiness factor, as “Living Doll” is another legendary episode. One little girl gets a Talky Tina doll and her stepfather is not too fond of it when it starts saying it doesn’t like him. He really doesn’t start to like it once it starts threatening to hurt him and, eventually, kill him.

4. “The After Hours”

the after hours twilight zone

One woman descends into madness in the middle of a department store as she swears the saleswoman who helped her is also a mannequin. It’s not until the end of the episode where she realizes she’s also a mannequin and she was way past overdue to return to the store after living as a normal human being in the outside world.

5. “Long Distance Call”

long distance call twilight zone

One little boy’s grandmother gifts him a telephone for his birthday right before she passes away. She says all he has to do is pick up the phone to talk to her and she’ll be there, so they continue to speak on the phone even as she’s already dead. However, when his grandmother asks him to come live with her, this young boy makes one decision that would break his parents’ hearts.

6. “It’s a Good Life”

its a good life twilight zone

A little boy named Anthony might be adorable on the outside, but if you think any bad thoughts about him you’d better be careful. With his mind-powers he’s able to wish anyone who doesn’t like him “into the cornfield,” so when one man in a drunken stupor decides to stand up to Anthony, he faces the same fate.

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