NECCO Wafers: An American Candy Classic

Do you remember receiving a pack of Necco Wafers on Halloween? This famous candy dates to 1847. Oliver Chase, was an English immigrant who invented a lozenge cutting machine with which he produced these wafers. During the Civil War, these candies were known as “hub wafers” and they were carried in the pockets of Union soldiers. In 1901, Oliver Chase merged with two other franchisers to incorporate the New England Confectionery Company. By 1912 the wafers were being advertised as “Necco Wafers”, a name they still carry today. Here are some facts you never knew about the historical candy!


  • During World War II the United States Government demanded that Necco produce its wafers for America’s soldiers overseas. As a result, Necco saw its sales of the wafers go through the roof. Upon returning home, former soldiers would continue buying Necco Wafers long after they left the army.
  • A WWII Soldier hands his pal a wafer. Pinterest


  • NECCO is an acronym for “New England Confectionary Company.” It is actually the oldest candy company in the country!

    The company’s official logo,


  • Since they couldn’t find a substantial color for the lime flavor, they eliminated the flavor altogether.
    The green ones are obsolete now! OldTime


  • NECCO Wafers are gluten free AND kosher! L’chaim!


Kosher logo,


  • Pyromaniacs, beware! If you mix NECCO Wafers and Pepsi, it will burst into flames!



Making flames with Pepsi and NECCO Wafers.


  • NECCO also created those candy hearts with those cute loving messages you receive on Valentines Day.
Candy Hearts, Amy’


  • For a while the candy was made in Chicago, but unfortunately, that factory burned down during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
The Great Chicago Fire.


  • There is, in fact, a chocolate flavored NECCO Wafer. Ew!
Chocolate NECCO Wafers, The Candy Baron


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