What Do You Remember?

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

  • Where were you when Kennedy was shot or the first man stepped on the moon?
  • What was the first television you had? Did you only have 3 local channels? Do you remember Rabbit Ear antennas?
  • Did you watch The Osmond’s or Sunny And Cher?
  • Were you a fan of The Carpenters or The Beatles? The Rolling Stones or The Doors?
  • Do You Remember “nothing comes between me and my Calvin’s?”
  • Did you wear knee socks and floral dresses? Or hip glasses with wide brim hats? Bellbottoms with platform shoes or Mary Jane’s with ruffle ankle socks?
  • Do you remember men wearing matching “zoot” suits or bellbottoms? They looked pretty mod and groovy!
  • Blue eyeshadow and fake eyelashes?
  • Did you see Saturday Night Fever?
  • Watch Happy Days? The Partridge Family? The Brady Bunch? Laverne And Shirley?
  • What was your favorite toy? The Slinky? Big Wheels? Marbles? Or Jacks? Paper Dolls? Or Barbie?
  • Your First Record?
  • Did you have Farrah Fawcett Hair or a Punk Rock do?
  • Mood rings?

Let’s hear some of your favorite memories in the comment section below….



What do you think?


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