Roseanne Barr Is Unrecognizable As She Makes Acting Comeback Following Controversy


Roseanne Barr made heads turn at the premiere of a new series, Mr. Birchum, following the cancellation of ABC’s Roseanne 6 years ago. The 71-year-old walked the red carpet on Tuesday, wearing a two-piece gold patterned outfit and a light green jean jacket. She accessorized with gold hoop earrings and shimmery sandals, keeping her short blonde hair stylishly ruffled.

Barr oozed confidence as she posed and smiled for the cameras at the Los Angeles event. This comes after a five-year hiatus from TV due to the consequences of her controversial comments about White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, comparing her to an “ape” on X, which was Twitter at the time.


Is Roseanne Barr back to acting?

Roseanne Barr at Mr. Birchum premiere, Instagram

It was not Barr’s first time making such racist remarks, as she infamously called former National Security Advisor Susan Rice “a big man with swinging ape balls” in a deleted tweet. The actress has also been associated with conspiracy theories and lies about other political figures in the past.


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Roseanne producer Wanda Sykes gave her verdict on social media, announcing that Barr would be kicked off the show, while ABC followed up by nullifying the series altogether. Barr later apologized, saying she was unaware of Valerie’s race as a black person when she posted.

She also got support from her co-star John Goodman who was “really uncomfortable witnessing them go after” her. With the tensions dying down over the years, Barr is set to make a comeback in the Mr. Birchum series, slated for release this Sunday.

“As one of the most influential wrong persons I am very proud to be a part of this fantastic series. Also, I am absolutely brilliant in it!” Barr wrote on her socials. Despite her shortcomings, she has loyal fans, who cheered her up in the comments and expressed their anticipation. “Look forward to it!! We have missed you,” someone wrote. “I am even more glad that I can listen to your voice again, knowing that you are among the defenders of normality, reason, and common sense. Cheers!” another gushed.

What is Roseanne Barr diagnosed with?

ROSEANNE: AN UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY, Denny Dillon (as Roseanne Barr Arnold), 1994. ©Fox Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

Barr has struggled with a series of physical and mental health challenges, which she claims to have influenced her past actions. She first revealed her dissociative identity disorder diagnosis in 1994, noting that it was a result of childhood abuse. She admitted to having other personalities— Baby, Cindy, Evangelina, F–ker, Heather, Joey, Kevin, Nobody, Somebody, and Susan, aside from her main one— Roseanne.

Barr allegedly had a tumultuous childhood with her siblings, Geraldine and Ben. The Eyes of Tammy Faye actress accused their parents of sexual and physical abuse. However, she retracted her statement on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, saying her accusations were wrongly worded and she “just wanted to drop a bomb” on her family.

Per her most recent controversy, Barr reportedly warned ABC about her disorder and Ambien dependency. During her chat with Fox News host Sean Hannity, she recalled often waking up to a huge mess in her kitchen, including “eggs cracked on the wall” from her attempts to make brownies while sleep-walking the night before. “Ambien does that to people,” she explained. She concluded by revealing her resolve to “enjoy” and give in to her quirks and mental anomalies rather than “suffer” from them.

ROSEANNE, Roseanne, ‘Vegas’ (season 4, aired November 5, 1991), 1988-2018. ph: Bob D’Amico / ©Carsey-Werner / Paramount Television / ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

Barr has also come forward on multiple occasions to announce other health issues such as macular degeneration, a heart attack, and glaucoma, which she later refuted, saying a problematic mole behind her eye gave her trouble with seeing properly. The seventy-one-year-old is no stranger to the surgery table either, having undergone a few procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, a nose job, breast reduction surgery, a tummy tuck, and fat transfer to have a “Kardashian” butt.

“I have a thing for butts because I never had a butt my whole life and I’ve always felt deprived. It really helps me catch up on the Kardashian family. I just love them, they’re unbelievable,” she told DailyMailTV host Jesse Palmer then. The comedy icon also follows a “revolutionary” diet involving eating less and moving more to maintain weight loss.

“I just want to keep getting healthy and let go of excess baggage to carry around, so I’m lighter on my feet and in my life,” she stated. One would assume Barr has had enough rounds under the knife; however, she intends to fix her waist as well. “Now I want a waist. I don’t have a waist,” she quipped.

How much is Roseanne Barr worth?

Barr is arguably one of the richest female comedians, with a reported net worth of about $80 million in 2024. Sources reveal she made over $1 million on each syndicated episode of Roseanne and continues to earn royalties long after the original’s finale. In the late ‘90s, Barr came just after Oprah Winfrey as the highest-paid woman in show business, boasting $40 million.

ROSEANNE, Roseanne, (aka Roseanne Barr, aka Roseanne Arnold), 1988-2018 (1996 photo). ph: Bob D’Amico / ©Carsey-Werner / Paramount Television / ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

She also earned from her roles in movies like She-Devil, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Blue in the Face, Meet Wally Sparks, Cecil B. Demented, and as a voice-over actor in Look Who’s Talking Too and Home on the Range. Aside from being an entertainer, Barr is also an author with about nine published books, such as Roseanne, My Life as a Woman, My Lives, Roseanne: My Life and Loves, and 2011’s Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm. Even her short-lived Roseanne reboot earned her up to $500,000 per episode, amounting to $2.25 million for the single-season run.

Barr has also earned several awards and recognitions, including Primetime Emmys, three Golden Globes, multiple American Comedy awards and nominations, five People’s Choice awards, and many more. She famously delved into politics in 2012 under the Green Party, where she lost her candidacy for president to Jill Stein.

In 2016, she expressed her support for Trump. She encouraged fellow Americans to “get involved and run our government for ourselves instead of sitting back and wanting somebody else to do it.” She also expressed her intention to continue gunning for a seat at the White House regardless.

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