As OJ Simpson Turns 76, He Believes He Is ‘Dying In Plain Sight’ And ‘The End Is Near’


OJ Simpson is arguably one of the best American football stats in history, with an illustrious career spanning over 11 seasons in the NFL. In 1973, he achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Player) award, symbolizing his exceptional contributions to the game. However, he might be most infamously known for his murder trial in the ’90s where he was charged (and ultimately found not guilty) of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Recently, the former football star had a severe medical emergency that required surgery where a stent was placed in his heart. To celebrate the gift of life on his 76th birthday, Simpson chose to share his reflections on three fears that have haunted him throughout this arduous period.


A friend of OJ Simpson shares details about the three things he fears the most


In a recently published article by RadarOnline, a trusted confidant of Simpson unveiled some startling revelations about the former football star’s fears. “O. J.’s got it in his head that he’s going to die from a massive heart attack,” the insider admitted. “It’s driving him crazy and adding even more stress to his troubled life. He believes he is dying in plain sight and the end is near.”


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Also, in a statement to RadarOnline, his former manager, Norman Pardo, indicated that Simpson’s well-being has been progressively declining recently. “The doctors want him to rest at home because there isn’t much they can do for him,” he said. “Now he can’t even finish a round of golf – I don’t even think he golfs anymore because he can’t even finish a half a round two months ago when I was talking to him.”


Justin, OJ Simpson’s son, supports his father during this trying time

Justin Ryan Simpson, Simpson’s son from his marriage to his second wife, Nicole Brown, has decided to prioritize his father’s welfare and, as a result, moved from Florida to Las Vegas to be there for his dad.


The 35-year-old had temporarily put a hold on his real estate business to be by his father’s side and provide him with much-needed support during his recovery.

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