Kelly Rizzo On The ‘Triggering’ Reason She Sold The House She Shared With Late Husband Bob Saget


Kelly Rizzo recently talked about her decision to sell the house she shared with her late husband, Bob Saget during an interview on The Tamron Hall Show. The 43-year-old explained that selling the Los Angeles-area mansion helped her process her grief and mourn the loss of her husband.

“He’s still everywhere. I look at videos of him all the time, I see photos of him all the time. But there was something about — and I’ve learned recently about grief, that something about the home that you shared sometimes can be very triggering,” she said on the show. “Even if you had wonderful memories there, or even if it was such a positive experience, which it was. I mean, he loved our house, and it was such a positive memory. But there’s something about when somebody passes, like the home itself can be a situation.”


Kelly Rizzo reveals that her late husband, Bob Saget is still a part of her life


The Eat Travel Rock host revealed that she is still struggling with her husband’s unexpected death and the mystery behind it remains a huge part of her life. “It’s such a strange thing because the home situation —,” Rizzo explained. “You know, there’s so many things about Bob that you know he’s still so present in my life.”


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Rizzo also mentioned that she intentionally designed her new home with several items related to her late husband so as to keep his memories alive. “If you go into my new house,” she joked on The Tamron Hall Show. “I mean, there’s pictures of him everywhere. I say it’s just shy of a Bob museum.”

Kelly Rizzo says she still misses her late husband, Bob Saget


The 43-year-old in January marked the anniversary of her late husband’s death with a touching tribute that she wrote exclusively to People. “Each day is a mixture of remembering him as my sweet and adorable husband who was my best friend and did everything he could every day to make me feel loved and special… mixed with me remembering him as how the world saw him…,” Rizzo penned a heartfelt tribute to honor her late husband. “A great comedian, a person who could bring out the best in people, and a man with a philanthropic heart who only wanted to help people.”

“I miss his sweetness and his cuteness. I know it’s not a side everyone saw but damn was he adorable. I miss how he treated me like I was the only woman in the entire world and I’ll miss how he looked at me all day every day,” the anniversary tribute reads. “I will miss how happy we made each other and how we told each other ‘I love you so much’ about 100 times every day. That is what I’m so grateful for.”


Also, Rizzo showered encomium on the late Bob Saget for his selfless service to humanity. “I want people to know that there is nothing more that Bob wanted out of life than to make people laugh and entertain people. All he wanted was to make people happy. He was also fiercely dedicated to his cause, The Scleroderma Research Foundation, it was his life’s work,” Rizzo detailed in the letter. “So please remember him as a comedian who truly loved people and wanted to bring them joy and as a man who never hesitated to give back and help people. He truly was a GREAT man.”

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