Brooke Shields Turns Up The Heat In Thanksgiving Swimsuit Video


Gather round the table, share stories, watch the big game, eat steaming hot potatoes and – take an icy dip in the pool. Everyone has their holiday season traditions and Brooke Shields was no different this Thanksgiving when she donned a red swimsuit and took a cool plunge.

Shields shared a video of what is apparently a yearly routine for her, to freeze away remaining steam for the holidays by submerging herself in icy water. All the while, Shields, 57, still managed to turn up the heat thanks to her sleek look in a bright red swimsuit. Check out this interesting tradition Shields has here!


Brooke Shields has a cool Thanksgiving tradition

Last week, Shields took to Instagram to share a video of herself wearing a strapless red bathing suit and performing a Thanksgiving routine. “The #thanksgiving tradition continues,” she captioned her post, and a freezing face emoji is a fitting prelude for what’s to come. In the video, Shields takes one step at a time into a small, rectangular pool just big enough to stand or sit in.


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It is audibly and visually a tough journey, no matter how short it is. Even when she makes it to the bottom, the hard part’s yet to come; Shields then lowers herself down so she’s up to her shoulders in apparently chilling water. She holds that position for a moment before rising up and – understandably – backing out from the icy depths.

An example of progress

BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL, Barbara Walters, Brooke Shields, w/ her mother, Teri Shields, aired 03/17/81 / Everett Collection

Even small, candid videos like this actually mark a lot of progress from Shields. When she was just 15, she was left feeling uncomfortable due to an interview with Barbara Walters. Shields recalled when Walters asked her invasive questions and compared themselves. The incident left the teenager feeling, “This isn’t right. I don’t understand what this is.” Fortunately, she would have help reconciling her thoughts on her own appearance even decades after from her very own daughters.

Instead of bundling up for Thanksgiving, Brooke Shields proudly walked out in a red swimsuit / © The Orchard /courtesy Everett Collection

“Their body image is so much better,” Shields said of Rowan Francis, 19, and Grier Hammon, 16. Part of their strategy comes from their readiness to “love it and move it and tell you to look at it and all the movements and the clothing.” Shields did not have this same attitude during her teen years but the two, “in reverse, helped me have [better body image] because I would…I was the hiding one and you know, back out of rooms and just don’t show your curves and it was such a weird thing because my daughters would actually say to me, ‘Mom, you’ve got a body you should just embrace it.'”

Shields certainly embraced it – and an arctic chill – this Thanksgiving!

Actress Brooke Shields / ImageCollect

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