Judge Judy Says Her Neighbor Justin Bieber Was “Scared To Death” Of Her


They’re both familiar with the spotlight but both ended up on very different trajectories. Even so, Judge Judy Sheindlin and singer Justin Bieber were once neighbors, giving each other a front row seat into each other’s personal lives. Judge Judy didn’t hesitate to share stories of a very young Bieber who, she says, was terrified of her. Why?

Today 80, Judge Judy rose to prominence as a TV judge with her own series that won her a place in the the Guinness World Records. Meanwhile, Bieber, born in ‘94, is a Grammy-winning pop icon who is now one of the best-selling music artists in history. But before that, this former teen idol lived concerned about his judicial neighbor. Here’s how it went.


Judge Judy remembers Justin Bieber as a neighbor

Judge Judy had some things to say about her neighbor, singer Justin Bieber / ©Paramount TV / Courtesy Everett Collection

At one point, Judge Judy and Justin Bieber lived on the same street, but it sounds like Bieber wanted to put space between their homes. “He’s scared to death of me,” claims Judy. Bieber of the past would probably want to know the judge of today, who’s known more for funding scholarship opportunities for women pursuing law.


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“There was a period of time before he grew up — when he was foolish, and doing foolish things,” Judge Judy added. “I must have said something about it, and then, I understood that he was paying the front door people to let them know when I was there, coming and going, so he wouldn’t have to bump into me.”

Sheindlin still passes judgment years later

Bieber has been in trouble with the law before / Wilson Webb / © Paramount Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

Back in 2014, Bieber was arrested and charged with DUI, which Judge Judy also had some comments about. “Being a celebrity is a gift. And he’s doing a very good job of making fool out of himself,” she said. Deportation was also considered because of the serious nature of the crime. This arrest also followed charges of vandalism in Brazil, along with a reckless driving charge. He also has California neighbors who accused him in 2014 of throwing eggs at their house and causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Sheindlin says he is wasting his fame when he acts foolish / Sonja Flemming / © CBS / Courtesy: Everett Collection

The run-ins with the law continued over the years – and even saw Bieber banned by the Chinese government from playing in China! That was as recent as 2017. But there has been philanthropy work mixed in. With an estimated net worth of $285 million, Bieber has a big platform and big funds he uses to raise awareness for mental health; he’s also donated all funds from his song with Ariana Grande, “Stuck With U,” to First Responders Children’s Foundation. Hopefully this is the kind of energy he continues to exhibit, to give his neighbor cause for approval.

Both Sheindlin and Bieber reached out a helping hand for important causes / ©Paramount Pictures/courtesy

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